Harry Sardinas, Professor Imafidon and other leaders invited at celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II
Sun 07 April 2019 HARRY SARDINAS

Empowerment and leadership guru, Harry Sardinas sits next to world renowned Professor Chris Imafidon as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and other royals including Duchess Meghan of Sussex join leaders from 53 nations

Harry Sardinas at the celebrations with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II at London's prestigious Westminster Abbey

London, England Apr 7, 2019 - Internationally recognized mentor, Harry Sardinas, and Intellectual icon, Professor Chris Imafidon were among the few royal guests invited by the British monarchy to join in celebrations with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II at London's prestigious Westminster Abbey recently. In her speech, Queen Elizabeth stated that "Commonwealth vision offers hope, and inspires us to find ways of protecting our planet, and our people."

Harry Sardinas who is the founder of a leadership initiative (along with Lily Patrascu), speaking later said, "It is a huge honour to be invited to this rare occasion, thanks to the noble Professor Chris Imafidon, chair of ExcellenceinEducation.org.uk programme. I never dreamt of meeting the Queen in my life, I am glad to receive this honour for my little contribution to entrepreneurial education. I saw the UK Prime Minister, other leaders all on the same occasion and also understand that this event was on BBC TV and BBC Worldwide. I will continue with even more commitment to my students, particularly those who are fearful of public speaking and empower women to use their voice on a global scale."

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was joined by leaders, and intellectual icon Professor Chris Imafidon [consultant to governments, presidents and monarchs], who led other dignitaries with top students, staff and supporters of ExcellenceInEducation.org.uk for the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Commonwealth. Other royals present included Prince Charles, Prince William, Duchess Meghan of Sussex, Prince Harry and Duchess Kate of Cambridge.

Harry Sardinas at the celebrations with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II at London's prestigious Westminster Abbey

In the UK, Harry Sardinas is known as the founder of "Speakers Are Leaders" and "Entrepreneurs Are Leaders" (Your Business Can Transform The World) programme that aims to inspire entrepreneurs to attract more business to them. His programmes have influential speakers such as Marie Diamond from The Secret Movie and multimillionaire Eric Ho. Harry Sardinas has shared the stage with world-class international speakers like Les Brown, and Armand Morin. His workshop - Speakers Are Leaders - has been listed in the Success Resources New Tycoon online platform alongside world-class speakers like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and Dr Demartini..

The Excellence in Education (http://www.excellenceineducation.org.uk/) has consistently produced child prodigies in Maths, Sciences, Music, Sports from inner-cities. It runs seminars, webinars and workshop sessions for parents, schools, and other institutions interested in the educational advancements of learners particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. It supports gifted and talented programmes for schools and supports special needs education. It also publishes links, tweets and full details on various educational activities.