Business Man Turns Adversity Into A World – Changing Healthcare Business Called Medilives
Sat 08 October 2022 HARRY SARDINAS

Businessman Dr Sunny Ahonsi - bestselling author and blockchain expert - father of two children - took his child to the Accident & Emergency in the UK and had to wait for 9 hours for his child to be seen by a doctor. Since then, he decided to create Medilives - a platform connecting patients with doctors, healthcare and mental health professionals available 24/7/365 from your mobile phone anywhere in the world.

He is now creating the “amazon” of healthcare - providing wearable AI - enabled healthcare products, detox and weight loss products, health products for hundreds of health conditions, health services and retreats that have so far helped hundreds of people to alleviate or reduce pain from migraines, alleviate colds, viruses, fibromyalgia, period pain, improve gut health and overall optimise health for people as young as 2 months old up to any age.

Looking after your health right now is one of the most important things because the lockdown has caused mental health issues more than ever. People are suffering from obesity, stress, colds, low immunity and many untreated issues because of the inability to see a doctor. At this precise moment, Medilives is providing an essential service for people suffering worldwide.

If you have a health condition that needs help, email us on [email protected] to get a consultation today. Alternatively visit https://www.medilives.co.uk/ to purchase health products & services.